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The Daughters of Hecate are her prime servants, spreading Hecate's will to all the tribes.The Vipers, raider exiles from the West, have become Hecate's fanatical army, and will crush anyone who challenges her.He has long brown hair, white skin, and dresses simply in a white shirt and blue jeans.

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Many of the Mormons in New Canaan did not believe this.

They argued that God did not speak through the living prophets in such a manner.

The other tribes fear Hecate's power, and rightly so.

The Twisted Hairs tribe was one of the most domineering tribes in the wasteland.

There she instituted a religiously-cloaked system of eugenics, slowly taking the strong sons and daughters to become warriors for the Hounds of Hecate, leaving only the weak and infirm. I don't..." She paused as she tried to remember who she was, struggling with the blackness that was her mind. It is not certain if she will appear in any future Fallout game.