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The other significant problem reported was hostility from a certain proportion of the German populace who do not welcome foreigners.

One of the new challenges facing Thai women emigrating to Germany is a new German law introduced following a directive of the European Union in 2007 which requires all foreign immigrants to be able to listen and speak basic German.

The report produced by a student at the Thai National Institute of Development Administration is notable for the extent and clarity of the research.

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Nearly 65% were forced to seek employment of their own in order to have the funds to remit money back to Thailand to take care of their families and parents.

The survey showed that the average age of Thai brides in Germany was 37 years but reported a drop in income for those over 40 years and indicated that nearly 60% of working Thai brides earned 60,000 baht ($2,000) per month or less working in the service industries or assembly lines.

This, in turn, is leading younger Thai women to think about finding a foreign husband: 'My parents in Udon Thani don't seem to have any comment.

They like my husband because he helps with everything. Some ask me to find one for them because my husband is a really good person,' said one Thai woman in the survey.

The report shows that the return of ageing Thai brides with their German husbands is contributing further to the trend with many parents encouraging their young daughters to find a foreign husband.