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There are variety of different mediums on mobile devices (great for the commute) or on your laptop.desktop. We’ve partnered with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (@NAESP) to make each of the twelve episodes not only engaging with a variety of unique voices, but targeted to some of the most challenging situations and topics for today’s educational leaders.

Yes--walks on the coastal path, good restaurants--and people at the grocery store trying to help me learn some Welsh (I managed "thank you")--services at St.

David's cathedral--splendid sung mattins--I'll return. I had to take the patches off at night, since I could not sleep with one, then in the morning I put on a new one.

Thinking Deeper What can we adults to make our precious time together most valuable, and also innovate to take advantage of the times we are unable to be face to face with each other but could possibly benefit from asynchronous simulations or interactive podcasts like those mentioned above?

I’d love to have your feedback after you’ve listened.

" We have a face-off of epic proportions between the returning champ, Lung Cancer, and the challenger, Cirhossis of the Liver"I can't even smell peanuts or peanut products without going into anaphylactic shock (I stop breathing), but I'm not lobbying for the outlawing of something that many more others enjoy daily, even though it's deadly to meno, my allergy is in my control. I don't go to Texas Roadhouse or Lone Star Steackhouse because they serve peanuts there.