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Additionally, starting from Brucie's missions, you will be able to date girls whose profiles you can find on the Internet. Log on and find a entry party girl seeks a man for NSA fun and blog material - 29 (Lancaster). Being in her good graces means you can get 50% discount in shops. Kiki doesn't like: nightclubs and expensive clothes.

Carmen, like Kiki, is availiable through the dating service love meet, where she's under the nickname Sobo Hoe.

Each car has its own traits and you can actually tell the difference between different rides.

If you want something fast but light as a feather, the sports cars are ideal and you’ll be spending most of your time switching between Comets and Turismos.

One of the biggest improvements this time around is the handling of the cars.


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    If you're looking to learn about Woohoo and Messing Around (Teens), click here Here we will look at some of the popular Romantic Interactions like kissing, going on dates, and proposing marriage and how they become available to Sims.

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