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Reported revenue of €5.97 billion for the 2017 Q2, an increase of 5% organically compared with €5.69 billion in Q2 2016 FESCO Adecco with Ding Talk together to achieve the era of FANTASTIC management, 83 FESCO Adecco deployment experts have taken the Ding deployment courses, and fully equipped for.

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The Adecco Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Stephan Howeg, FESCO Adecco CEO Ni Ying, Board Member Cynthia Chew, Margaret Jack were invited FESCO Adecco signed with RGF, providing supplementary medical insurance service FESCO Adecco signed with Century 3, providing supplementary medical insurance service FESCO Adecco signed with Puma, providing welfare service FESCO Adecco signed with GEA, providing Chinese and foreign employees dispatching service FESCO Adecco sub-brand FA Talent, specializing in talent selection and retention, with China Merchants Bank build a new project of "Shaping efficient managers", the first phase of training successfully completed in CMB University.

The project consists of 5 phases, and each phase with 4 days, a total of 200 supervisory level students from CMB Shanghai participated 2017 HRoot China human resources services expo (Beijing Station) was successfully held.

Help everybody to learn how to avoid communication minefield, and with the power of language, turn the tough talk into a constructive, performance oriented "brave talk" 2017 Run FAAC Sports activities- Enterprise badminton classic event held in Manyun stadium, 24 enterprises elite teams gathered and had the exciting badminton match FESCO Adecco HR Club invited Wang Zongyi with the experience of more than 10 years in the talent development management, led us through the visualization of the "talent management sandbox” simulation exercises, carry out a visible and tangible "talent strategy” brain storming “AMANYANGYUN opening job fair” held in You Zaiji Art and Cultural Center.

FESCO Adecco sub brand FA Talent, specializing in talent selection and retention, is solely responsible for the venue, the whole visual image and process design, help AMAN build top employer brand image FESCO Adecco Infinite joy of badminton match, and "2017, we together!

Financial Outsourcing Director Major Mei and staff welfare department Business Support Director Pei Tao attended.