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He caught hold of her shoulders to balance himself and started to move his pelvis back and forth, back and forth, the cot creaking with his motion. She guided his equipment into her wet cunt once again and started moving. The cot creaked wildly and I was wondering if it would give away. There was my brother nude with his cock in his hand shagging off with my photo in his other hand. I was bursting with hotness and was enjoying all this to full. I spread my legs, placed a pillow below my big bums and invited him,to fuck me saying that she was for him, He said, “Sister, but one thing, I would like to have your ass also. I was screaming with pain and asking him to stop but he would not listen. It went in with flop sound and really hurt me because it was my first fuck. I screamed holding the pillow and said, “ahahahahahah,do slowly.” He started moving in and out of my pussy without caring for my shouts. Do not touch my friend again.”He lasted for almost twenty minutes during which I came twice.

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My friend covered herself again and reclined gently, resting her head on the pillow, a little away from him. He kissed her a number of times, all noisy, wet kisses that reflected the great lust he was having for her. He then slowly pulled away her sari from her shoulder, uncovering her breasts and belly.

The sight of the two breasts seemed to freeze Vijay with excitement for a brief moment. Then, completely overcome by the passion, he grasped her shoulder and bent down to kiss her face. He lowered his head further and managed to plant kisses on her cheeks, chin and lips.

As they moved wildly, the cot was creaking noisily, as if it too was aroused. His cock and my nipples were fully erect now and we were trembling with desire. I pushed myself eagerly towards him with each pressing and sucking.

I watched as twice my friend put her hand between their writhing bodies to hold his erect penis, to squeeze it, to feel its hardness. I held his tool tightly and started moving my hands to and fro. Then he asked me to lay on my back and spread my legs.

He would hold both boobs in a firm grip and try to lift them up.