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If you have a teenage girl, or a girl in your early twenties in your house, I’d bet you a pound that Zoella’s book, or something from Zoella’s Superdrug make up range, will be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree.

(The chief executive of Penguin has put £10 on Zoella’s book being the Christmas no 1.) Every Mum I know is thrilled about Zoella. ‘We didn’t think our kids would grow up in a world where anyone could seem cool or clever without going on about how much weed they smoke, or taking pictures of their own crotch.’ Zoella is the anti-Miley. She’s never going to have to explain a dodgy Instagram picture, or get caught in a club kissing someone who isn’t her boyfriend.

And I think her teen fans love that just as much as their parents do.

They have grown up within a culture in which any woman who acts out, or is seen enjoying her body or celebrating independence is judged, demonised and branded as ‘wild’.

It’s like watching Grease in reverse, where the cool kids are punished and the sensible one walks off into the sunset smiling and stroking the sleeves of her very clean cardigan. I'd love to get dressed up, get some heels on, go out and have a few drinks, maybe even get completely sozzled once in a while. " Her words are honest, moving, and a little heartbreaking - but I don’t think ‘girls her age’ do go out and get sozzled any more, at least not to the same extent that they once did.


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