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Her wedding dress was soo beautiful designed by extravagant gown.

The beautiful white gown was a meringue style skirt resembling feathers complemented by a bodice lie top.

This development boasts the country’s most expensive apartment, the penthouse which sold for £136million earlier this year.

Though it’s tempting to describe Holly Valance as ‘the cat that got the cream’, after her open admission of her unbelievable good fortune, it’s clear that Holly isn’t smug at all.

In 2003, Valance fired her then-manager Scott Michaelson (who owns Biscayne Partners Pty Ltd) by telephone, 15 months before his contract was due to expire. Of this amount, $47,264.56 was "from shares Ms Valance and Mr Michaelson had bought together on the London Stock Exchange", In addition to film and television roles, Valance has also appeared in adverts for Schwarzkopf hair care products and 1800 Reverse.