I am dating a married man stories

To see if I am truely in love with him, or just the image of the boy I knew.

I am dating a married man stories

I don't want to hurt him, but I am unsure of where my heart truely lies. My husband had an affair that resulted in emotional and physical feelings for this woman. I dont know what i should do i could really mess things up for him but i want him so Bad. It was over 11 yrs ago & your still young & you think because now you see him as a man & married that his wife took your place & you could have possibly been with him now & with a child from him possibly. Wait for his response but please don't flirt or touch or do anything to entice the situation remember he is a man & what you want is to know if there was anything mutual between you and him in the PAST & further more if he STILL feels that way. Atleast now you've told your feelings to both men and are completely honest with yourself & them & move on... Preserve those days and move on as he is taken and not only that the feeling that you are having is just a crush .

We are still together as I believe that my marriage can be healed. Iam in love with a married man from where i work he dont know it because i cant tell him. He is 23 years older then me and i dont know what to do. Ifeel iam a bad person for falling in love with him, i try to forget about him but i just cant what should I do????? Whatever he tells you just listen to every word very carefully & embrace the whole moment beacuse its a moment you've wanted for such a long time. The world turn & you wouldn't want someone taking you husband. You have the cousin a close relative of his & you should work on that relationship & even thought you cant have the now married man you can have the cousin & i'm sure there are similarities between them. And things are not as rosy as it looks after honeymoon life is as usuall taking care about family and responsibility.

Mr Z changes so much through various work and life issues, his wife Mrs Z is exactly the same person he married 10 years ago.

You know this does happen and this is why marriage "is not a word its a sentence" to quote my favourite saying. i'm in the same situation except he's not married... i've thought of just confronting him but that will ruin everything between me and my present boyfriend and that might give him a reason to break us up and plus i might regret it once i get it odd my chest!! i like what you said though, you do know when he feels the same way because when he looks at me, ahh, he looks deep within..

All the best Hi, I have read countless articles about women having affairs with married men. Take the case of a married man who has an arranged marriage.