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DBabble has the advantage over other chat servers that users are able to communicate with external users through a standard http proxy server, whether they are using a web browser or the client for windows.The windows client automatically uses their Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator proxy server settings if available so that users do not need to go through an often confusing process (from their point of view) of specifying their proxy server settings.

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Users can also choose to send instant messages to email addresses, and can receive email sent to DBabble as instant messages.

The DBabble administrator or individual users can optionally disable the email to instant message feature if they are concerned about instant message spam, or if you want to isolate your server from the outside world.

All messages are stored on the server, so users can read old messages from anywhere they login from.

Administrators can optionally impose user quotas to limit storage space.

All server management needs can be performed from within the DBabble user interface, by any user with administrator privileges.