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The more I talk with other single women my age, and a little younger, the more I realize that the “intimacy vs. The conflict between intimacy and independence is easy to manage when you are married or in an intimate relationship.

When I was married, I loved being able to share my darkest fears and my brightest dreams with my husband. If I’m honest with myself, I would have to say intimacy.

When it comes to dating after 60, it often feels like women face a choice between intimacy and independence. Certainly, many of the women in the Sixty and Me community have pushed back whenever I have raised this topic. Gabriel García Márquez once said that “Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.” Then, with great insight, he added that our “secret life” is often the one that we keep from ourselves.

So, now that I am in my 60s, I want to explore my own secret life and, in doing so, answer a question that many other boomer women are asking: “What do I value more in life – independence or intimacy?

In this context, I was more than happy to surrender part of my independence. I have a feeling that many women my age feel the same.