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In the film, they play a pair of musicians-turned-gangsters who adopt a newborn artificial intelligence in the shape of a robot, Chappie.

“There’s something about Yo-landi and Ninja, they both have very unusual magnetism,” says Blomkamp over the phone during a break from editing the film.

“I roll with bodyguards when I go back home to South Africa,” she says, looking around the room. People want to fucking assassinate me.” It’s hard to imagine this five-foot tall mother of two should pose such a threat to the self-proclaimed torchbearers of decency and good taste in society. Flipping between Lolita songbird vocals and thugged-out raps delivered in a blend of English and Afrikaans, she has broken every approved music industry convention en route to success with her bandmates, rapper Ninja and DJ Hi-Tek.

Since exploding on the scene in 2010 with their viral video “Enter the Ninja”, Die Antwoord have compromised their vision for nobody, aiming to remain as “punk and fresh and kind of psycho” as possible.

“Whether you love them or you don’t, you’re drawn to them.

Yo-landi has something that is hard to put into words.

The main couple just didn't feel like they had a real connection, that they were truly in love?! It just felt so CHEAP and CHEESY and it was soooo PREDICTABLE.