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While that's happening in reality, anime gamer girls have been slowly joining the anime gaming community as more than just eye candy.

Fubuki just shows that girls can kick ass in many areas of gaming!

3 Kousaka Kyousuke used to be close to his sister Kirino, however they haven't talked to each other in years!

Gamer girls have it tough with discrimination in regards to how "real" they are.

Many discussions on online communities will write off gamer girls for a variety of reasons that mainly have to do with gender, but let's check out some anime gamer girls that will have you change your mind about just how awesome gamer girls are!

With the power of her passion panties, Fubuki climbs up the ranks of BAG (Best of Arcade Gamer) Tournament, but the Gulasic Group is determined to rule the world through Arcade gaming should they win. Mystery, Fubuki will have to defeat the Gods of Gaming to make arcade safe for everyone once again.