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I'd love to make some progress but I'm not even able to install the rainbow extension atm .. I'm currently implementing the basics for this feature (using webrtc & the jingle Protocol of XMPP) in my own branch of strophejs-plugins: It needs a lot of work and is far from fully implemented but if anyone wants to help me - I'd appreciate that :) Thats excellent. :-) I took a quick, we're currently using using the Open Fire XMPP (which I like for the web interface), not played with their Jingle node yet. I also played with Tigase on a separate server and next plan to have a play with ejabberd. I presume this is just dropped in like other plugins for Candy?

We have a new born (23rd Dec) so I probably won't be back to work until Jan. Thanks again, I look forward to having a good play! :) Well about trying it: It's not really in the stage where one can try it.

Regarding the servers: I used Openfire but dropped it because of memory/performance issues and I'm using now ejabberd because it's the one everyone recommends (and it's really great - just the documentation is a little bit awful).


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