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The city will begin enforcing parking-meter payments south of University Avenue sometime later this month.The meters north of University Avenue are expected to go into effect in February.Dmitri Belser, one of many disabled who will be affected by Caltrans’ Disabilities Act settlement to improve sidewalk access, crosses the intersection at San Pablo Avenue and Dwight Way which, until a year ago, lacked a curb ramp and a yellow detectable warning panel.

Javandel added that installing meters in commercial areas that already have “time-limited parking” helps with better parking management and improved parking meter revenue, which in turn funds city programs and services.

Time limits for parking will remain unchanged unless merchants on each block reach some kind of an agreement to change some or all of the time limits to 24, 30, 60 or 120 minutes, he said.

“If you opened that gate and said ‘go,’ she wouldn’t go,” he said.

“She’s a herd animal and wants to stay with the rest of the group.

“We have not yet completed the recruitment process for a new director, so we are fortunate to have Daren as the interim director while we complete that process,” Kamlarz said.