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But we did our best to get it in one take and build up that emotion.They gave me plenty of time before all scenes to get to where I needed to be so we could do it in one take. It’s too much for the soul to take in, so you want to detach.Also, afterwards too, because it’s not something that you quickly come down from. I understand that because even as an actor, I can’t remember it.

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But then you add a storyline like this where you have to act out this horrible, horrible thing with someone you love in your real life, and then the have to do it in front of the whole world. It’s nothing you want to even have in your subconscious. One of the writers had her own experience with rape, and it was really, really important to her that the story be told as truthfully and realistically as possible and that we were able to help the victims in some way. She had told me her story and what she had dealt with.

Tyler was so thoughtful and considerate and cautious and mindful of everything we were having to act out, so that made it easier. A Sensitive Approach The writers were very thoughtful in the way that they approached me with the rape story. A lot of us doing this story was because of her and what she had dealt with.

Christopher's post was a response to an article that appeared as a cover story in the November 8th edition of Soap Opera Weekly, claiming that Christopher and Willis looked "mighty cozy" at a benefit the month before.

"Alicia and Tyler are close friends," Christopher's rep tells

Nothing personal, Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney Matthews), but Tyler Chistopher (Nikolas Cassadine) is upset by rumors that the two of you are dating.


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