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If you've reviewed the FAQs, checked to make sure you have a modern browser installed, and are still having trouble getting into chat, please try the following steps: Try entering a chat room after each of these steps.Specific Chat Issues AOL Browser Try switching to IE or Netscape - minimize your AOL browser, open one of the others.Virtual Machine (VM) build should be 3802 or greater. Some Windows XP machines don't operate well with Sun's Java, and work better with the Microsoft version, available here.

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Please keep it clean and keep it friendly, we all want a happy and welcoming community!

IMPORTANT: To avoid useless clutter in the chatroom, please refer to this wiki's other pages before asking any question about the game's content and mechanics.

To download: 1) 2) (select) Support 3) (select) Downloads 4) (search for) Java 5) (select) Mac OS Runtime for Java MRJ 2.2.5 6) download Internet Explorer 5.5 may work better than Netscape, make sure you have the most recent Mac OS Run Time for Java libraries.

Go to your System Folder, open the Application Support folder, then the MRJ cache folder.

The best way to eliminate chat problems is to make sure you're using the most current version of your browser.