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Steve Kroft: Was there ever a time when you started to think, maybe she means some of this? Steve Kroft: Is it possible that Mia was just so upset by everything that had happened, that something convinced her that something had happened to Dylan? Steve Kroft: Is it possible that Mia believes that?

Woody Allen: She may believe it and want to believe it.

It may be a non-event to Woody Allen, but not to Mia Farrow and not to authorities in Connecticut, who are required by law to investigate every reported incident of alleged child abuse. I could have quietly made a custody settlement with Mia in some way and done it in the future. He's submitted to a polygraph and a battery of psychological tests. I've got to get my fitting, and I--we're going to begin shooting in another five weeks." And I said, "Are you kidding?

It is that investigation and the attendant publicity that convinced the reclusive Allen to sit down with us in his Manhattan apartment and discuss the situation, no holds barred. The reports we were shown would seem to support his contention he's not a child molester. And on many, many occasions, many occasions, over the phone and in person, Mia had said to me, "You took my daughter, and I'm going to take yours." Steve Kroft: What did she mean by that? You're accusing me of child molestation, and you think we're going to just go on with the movie? Woody Allen: I said that--you know, of course, "This is insane." I mean, I said--you know, I told my--my lawyer that, you know, they should call her and terminate the contract, and I went out and hired another actress to play the role.

The allegations are that you took Dylan into an attic or crawl space... Steve Kroft: touched her in her private part. Why then would Allen's 7-year-old daughter tell a Connecticut doctor otherwise? Woody Allen: She meant by it that I had formed a relationship with her 21-year-old daughter and she was going to get my daughter, who's Dylan. And as time wore on, Allen says the situation did not improve.