speed dating girlsgogames - Offline timed out when updating

using version 9.3 I'm seeing the same thing here. Error running recon: Connection failure: "The host org is not accessible." If it was a network issue I would assume that the package would fail to install as well. I'm not sure, but it's still happening often.

After googling it seems that this problem is not isolate to just OS X 10.9 (which we're using here) but this also occurs in previous version of OS X.

And I do recall reading that it could be due to Apple phasing out AFP in favour of another protocol.....

I opened a ticket with support and we looked at my load balancer first (we're using pound). Something else I'm curious about is what server everyone is using?

We tweaked some settings there, but I'm still seeing about a dozen timeouts a day (out of 2k managed systems). I saw some mentions of 10.9 server having connectivity problems, but I upgraded to 10.9(.3) at the same time I upgraded to Casper 9.31, so not sure if that's related...

With every policy that installs a package, we always have a handful of machines that will successfully install the package but fail to run a Recon post-install. Here is a sample log: Executing Policy Adobe Flash 11.9.900.170... This package is a PKG or an MPKG, and the file is not found. Retrieving inventory preferences from https://org:8443/... I've had other bigger problems with the upgrade to 9.3 that I haven't spent much time trying to figure out what is causing this one.