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In Poly relationships, people are kind of making it up as they go along. - How often do people come to Polyamory as an attempt to remedy an existing relationship? That's sort of like the people who go, "Oh, our relationship isn't working, so let's have a kid." It rarely helps. There are folks who are in a preexisting relationship and want to do some experimentation.

There are also folks who are out there and saying, "I'm really committed to getting into a relationship that is not monogamous." Jezzie: College is a really normal time to be dating around.

Adam: In a college town, everybody appears and disappears each semester.

It's not like the real world where people have a more steady work life and existence. - What's the distinction between openly dating and identifying as Polyamorous? Of people who are in relationships, the overwhelming majority will be monogamous and they're going to be fine with that.

Only the tip of that pyramid says: "This is my identity.