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Love You was nominated in 2011 for four awards at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, including Best Actor for Joseph Chang, Best Director in a Television Series for Ming-chang Chen and Best Television Series.

After that, they were inseparable despite fans lashing out at Kary for not being good enough for their idol. Kary did not mind the rude comments and chose to spend more time with Shawn’s friends and family.

However, an insider said, “Shawn hates being controlled, so he doesn’t like it when Kary constantly checks on him.” That aside, it was said that Shawn refused to meet Kary’s parents and did not particularly enjoy it when Kary spent time with his friends.

Many pointed out that Kary’s obsessive nature of constantly keeping tabs on Shawn was the primary reason for the split, but she only became this way after the Angel incident.

Because Shawn and Angel have a lot of onscreen time, Kary became worried.

Being the playboy he is, this was not the first time Shawn displayed signs of infidelity.