Real cam living room

Finally, a hidden cam can be used to ensure that cleaning staff or other in-home employees are not engaging in any illegal behavior or even stealing while they work in your residence.

Another issue that many homeowners want clarification on is the legality of installing covert cameras within the home.

There are plenty of great reasons to have a hidden camera in your home.

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Let's take a quick look at what makes this product special, and why no one has previously managed to obtain viral adoption with a living room VC product.

\n\n Living room videoconferencing has always been a question of \"when\", not \"if\" it will be in every home.

Logitech's previous entry in this space, the Google TV Revue arguably suffered from all of these issues.

Other solutions struggle due to their closed networks.

The TV Cam HD is designed to be a simple and complete, plug and play, living room videoconferencing solution.