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Meanwhile, Drew thinks the only way to escape his constant terror is to leave Degrassi, which upsets Adam.

Also, Dave's feelings for Alli intensify, which doesn't sit well with his girlfriend Sadie.

Meanwhile, after the whole bed bug incident, Fiona struggles to tell Charlie that she is a recovering alcoholic.

Meanwhile, Riley is relieved when his mother begins talking to him again but grows upset when he finds out her intent. "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Part Two Eli receives help in writing the play from the outlandish Imogen, who encourages him to quit his anti-anxiety medication. and Marisol continues to grow, which worries Jenna.

Meanwhile, Riley realizes that neither his family nor Zane is going to change and must make a difficult decision. "Paper Planes" Part One When Anya begins to feel pressure to telling her parents that she didn't get into college and into choosing between Holly J. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers bed bugs in her loft and assumes it is from her new roommate Charlie.

"Idioteque" Drew is paranoid over the fact that Vince and his gang are coming after him and comes to the conclusion that all of his problems are connected to Bianca.

Meanwhile, Anya grows worried about people finding that she had sex with Owen. "Cry Me a River" Part One Dave and Adam vie for a position on the school's radio system and realize that they make a good team, but Dave soon has problems with Adam's being transgender.

Meanwhile, Adam is attracted to Katie and thinks she may be reciprocating this feeling. Meanwhile, Alli tries to make Dave the perfect boyfriend before she presents him to her family. "Extraordinary Machine" Part Two Eli has met his match in Imogen, who is someone just as willing to go to extraordinary and highly questionable lengths to get what she wants. realizes he must do what's best for the people he loves.