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This search led her to seek out environments that ask the performer and the witness to confront each other in more potent ways.A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light, in all its forms, is an outcropping of this search beginning with the premise that every interaction holds untapped potential, that can sculpt uncommon encounters, moody collisions, raucous spectacle and virtuoso dancing – asking for more resonant connection and embracing the success or failure that ensues.

This year Amy O'Neal and Kyle Seago's Join KT and SQUID"S at Velocity Dance Center for their Speakeasy Series: Dancer’s Survival Fair.

This community conversation focuses on professional development sessions designed specifically for dancers covering a variety of topics including budgeting, marketing, goal-setting touring, followed by a networking happy hour., which reflects a range of artists from diverse disciplines who work across dance/choreography and interdisciplinary performance to engage the embodied politics and poetics of race, ethnicity, gender, culture and their intersections.

They raised over $1,300 for Three Dollar Bill Cinema.

Five years later, Team Diva has raised over $10,000 for Three Dollar Bill Cinema, Marriage Equality, Rise and Shine and PSKS.

This is their part to bring the gay back to the Hill.