Sametime status not updating

As I consider how people work -- and how I work -- I have to admit finding some merit to the argument that presence is dead.

In the mobile world, we send SMS messages without any presence information available to us.

sametime status not updating-19

If our intended recipients don't respond in timely fashion, we may follow up via email or, if the matter is urgent, by phone.

Presence state and contextual status don't really seem to matter in this scenario.

Sounds like a queue processing scenario, whereby you want one process only to pick up a given record.

If that is the case, have a look at the answer I provided earlier today which describes how to implement this logic using a transaction in conjunction with UPDLOCK and READPAST table hints: Row locks - manually using them Best wrapped up in sproc.

I'm not sure this is what you are wanting to do, hence I haven't voted to close as duplicate. This is as good as an atomic operation as it tells the database that you are about to update what you previously selected, so it can lock those rows, preventing collisions with other clients.