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From the initial 1969 tests of the Apollo 11 moon landing craft, to a controlled crash of a Boeing 720 aircraft in 1984, the You Tube videos give a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the world's most successful space agency.This 42-second video, taken on April 25, 2001, shows Nasa's first test flight of inflatable wing technology.

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Other Nasa machines have been less successful, and often foray into the outright bizarre - such as a plane with inflatable wings, or a glider launched via helicopter.

All of Nasa's famous craft went through rigorous flight tests during development, and the agency is releasing hundreds of historic research videos of its machines being put through their paces.

The video shows an LLRV taking off and hovering in the air at a Nasa test site, with its pilot perched perilously in the cockpit.

The LLRVs, humorously referred to as 'flying bedsteads,' were used to analyse piloting techniques needed to fly and land the tiny Apollo Lunar Module in the moon's airless environment.

Earlier this year, Nasa announced ambitious plans to launch a probe mission directly into the atmosphere of the sun in a world first.