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An expert on emergency mental health support, she has worked on relief efforts around the world, including at Ground Zero after 9-11 for the Red Cross, featured ontheir public service announcements.

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Judy is a clinical psychologist, popular TV and radio personality, author and lecturer. Her nightly call-in advice show on a music station in New York, "Love Phones" was syndicated around the country and the top-rated nighttime program in many markets.

Cited as the "best media psychology can offer" when elected a Fellow to the American Psychological Association, she graduated from Smith College, earned a masters degree at Boston University and Ph. Her work has been featured in much print and electronic media, from the New York Times to Entertainment Tonight and CBS-TV's 48 Hours.

Her articles or quotes appear in magazines from Ladies Home Journal to Men's Health. Her extremely popular site on AOL for two years provided a variety of services, including a live chat show, active bulletin boards, and other daily features offering advice about relationships.

Her popular books include "How To Love A Nice Guy," "Generation Sex," "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating," "The Complete Idiots Guide to A Healthy Relationship," and "The Complete Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex," as well as four books in Japan, translations in other countries, and several books in China. One of the first research studies on internet sex advice has been completed regarding user's needs. Judy has also hosted live chats on Prodigy, theglobe, I. G., the Health Network, Web MD, and other on-line services that have drawn some of the largest numbers of members logging on.

She has hosted live satellite broadcasts for JCPenney's "Golden Rule Network" as well as specials like Group W's "No Secrets" and "Teens and AIDS." She co-hosted "Total Wellness for Women," a popular TV show aired in markets in the south, and is sought after for commentary by many news organizations and features from E!