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After Bucky gets a 'Not Guilty' verdict for his crimes as the Winter Soldier, he and Steve start living together where they both heal and fall in love again. I'm also on Tumblr at houseofglass.where there is a button on my profile page. He quickly realizes the rest of the pack members are all alphas and they take him in generously.

(AKA Another 'recovering Bucky' fic that no one asked for.) Wanda feels her world shake all too often. Requests/prompts/inspired one-shots taking place after Beautiful, Safe and Loved (although that isn't necessarily required to read before this, it might be helpful). But his old pack will not forget his betrayal so easily.

And although a part of him wanted to scream from the rooftops how unfair it was, then jump from that very rooftop, he couldn’t. You were formally of Resistance, and somehow kept alive, purely for the amusement, of Emperor Hux and his consort Kylo Ren.

Hux has been newly crowned as Emperor, and you are presented to a bored Emperor Hux; by Kylo Ren, as a gift.

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They are waiting for you, and they will make you feel right at home no matter what your pee fetish.

The few surviving Reistance members have fled, those remaining are all imprisoned, alongside you or at worst killed.


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