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The story is divided into four parts and the world hosts its own events and everything for anyone to participate in.

You shall be one of many shaping the world as the story progresses.

However, the second iteration wasn't truly released until the summer of 2014.

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PG, I suppose, the rules have become lighter allowing for people to explore a more "sensual" side of the RP (which I'll probably make a whole other thread for should that arise). Plus, you don't even need to necessarily include the math, I can figure out the damage calculations just by looking at your charts. However, maybe you forgot or something, so just do it when you can. Similar to when you make a post and gain FH$, you will lose FH$ if you have less words/characters than before. Who is the monarch, who shall seat themselves in the throne of Cyndar, all four treasures on their person... Mikkael Altans, Yemhelch, and Natsuki were three heroes to hear the call of destiny and walk their paths through Jungalore.

Which I don't really double check anyways for the purpose of calculations. Not only is it for drop chances, but it's also for the in-game casino. So it's generally good to have around 100 to 200 FH$ on hand when you edit and stash the rest away.(EDIT: I myself went ahead and did edits to all of my posts, adding line breaks to make them easier to read. When I talked with Yom about this, he simply said it had to do with the way the site hands out money.)Q: So are you (Somebody Else/Yom Toxic) like the moderator/dungeon master/game master of this? While Mikkael would find love with the new queen of the Meridians, Philena Taltanis, the others would walk a fine line between light and shadow.

Somebody Else is probably not rich enough for that.

You may, however, trade ARKNIGHT Mod Points for Legens. A: Chronicles of Jungalore (Now Jungalore: The New World) began way way back in my second grade (2004)... It kind of did, but during that time I was mostly just making up stories or drawings to help myself understand concepts I was learning in school.

Or, other more common rolls; 5: Duels must be consensual by both parties.6: No mugging or stealing from other players.7: Be sure to document all your stats, items, equipment, and Legens in your character file.


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