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The beauty of that sunset made the gut-wrenching recognition that terrorists had robbed the experience of such moments from close to 3000 individuals even more painful.

I thought of all that the terrorists had taken from us, and all they had done in the name of God. On this sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I'm thinking of Barbara Olson, her husband, family, and friends.

Door County encompasses nearly the entire Wisconsin peninsula. Little towns rim both the Green Bay and the Lake Michigan shores of the county.

Although I like the lake side, it's the bay side of the peninsula that I love.

She used to appear on from Ellison Bay, a little town toward the tip of the peninsula on the bay side. OLSON: ...[S]he's buried up in Door County, Wisconsin, very close to where she appeared on your show so many times last summer and a couple summers before, because she loved that place so much, and she's there now. KING: Whenever we see that scene, when it was not this set, it was Wisconsin. She was proud of the fact that both Larry King in Los Angeles and somebody in New York and somebody in Washington and Barbara Olson in Ellison Bay would sit... In addition to admiring Barbara Olson for her incredible intelligence and her wit, I felt a sort of kinship with her because of the Door County connection.