Sex dating in pritchett colorado

Towards the end of the night, this guy my BF and I have been flirting with for the last two weeks showed up with his BF.

He confided in me that he could easily fall in if not for the fact that we both have BF's. There's a very strong spark between me and this fella. I think I need to have a serious talk with him to make sure that where my feelings are going is OK within the context of his relationship. My BF eventually saw me watching and beconed me over, so I joined in for a bit.

I had the experience of walking onto the dance floor no less than times in a row to have some cutie lock lips with me within seconds.

I left my BF sitting somewhere and came back within minutes followed by a couple to make-out with us.

My name is Paul, and I moved here from Florida 3 years ago.