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So in this default situation, Outlook will check for updates once per hour.To avoid this default one-hour situation, it is necessary to instruct Outlook to ignore the publisher’s recommendations (even though the publisher hasn’t made any explicit recommendations, the absence of a recommendation implies a 60-minute update cycle by default).

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"Protocol Error occured trying to complete the request.

The server returneda status code of: Internal Server Error and the status description is: "Internal Server Error" Other RSS Feeds are working fine in the webpart.

Jeff Atwood, I finally understand what's going on and how to fix it. When a feed is added to Outlook, the default settings (which are hidden under the ‘Advanced’ button) are to .

Outlook will not check a feed for new content more often than this minimum interval.

I added new feed items (nodes into the XML file) from a C# application and I see them populate when I check the feed directly in a web browser. note the low follower counts for most of your tags.