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According to Match's blog, “single parents who have dated online had over 2X the number of dates last year than single parents who haven’t dated online.” Furthermore, “Seventy-nine percent have dated 1 or more person in the last three months versus 75 percent of single parents who don’t online date."Breaking down the success rate of dating numerically seems to gloss over the agony those single parents underwent in making online profiles to snag those dates.

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" Well, maybe he's worried that the more kids he comes with, the more baggage in your eyes.

He probably feels it's a hindrance to meeting women, and that perhaps once he gets to know you, you'll be open to a man with many children.

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Of course, not every parent chooses to out themselves as such. But those who do can go about it in one of three ways: include it in your text, include it in your photos, or do both.