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And in the court of public opinion, it warrants much more than the original two-day suspension that was originally dealt to Ray Rice when the allegations surfaced.For perspective on just how effed up the NFL's handling of domestic violence is, know this: Ray Rice was suspended for two games for clocking Janay Rice and for smoking pot.

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' Somebody who doesn't have the wherewithal to get out, the means to get out. I had a job at the time, and I kept in this relationship."Since then, she says, "I've done a lot of thinking about why, and I think part of it was fear. I was scared if I tried to leave something worse could happen to me," she confessed.

She continued, "Part of it was guilt, because every time we would have a fight he would then start crying and say, ' I promise I won't do it again,' and I would feel like maybe I contributed somehow to this – and they are saying this about Ray Rice's wife, that it takes two to tango ...

I continued to stay in that relationship until I was offered a job in another state, and that's where I felt I had the ability to get away."Madonna suffered domestic violence at the hands of another A-lister: Sean Penn.

Penn beat Madonna with a bat in 1987, which she didn't report because he was already in legal hot water for attacking a film extra.

Hell, if more players engaged in Gordon's recreational activity, maybe they'd be mellow enough to, you know, not beat the crap out of their families.