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"Only In Dreams", "Beyond The Ashes", "Are We Alone", and "A Fragmented Soul".

I hope this helps out some of the people who'd been asking about my older work.

A Need To Love Blundered Mistakes (R) (sequel to ‘Hidden Agenda’) Contradiction (UC) Fate's Collision Half Way To Anywhere Herrington Hill House (UC, NC-17) Hidden Agenda Hidden Agenda (decoded version) Liquid Dreams(UC) Love & War: A Warriors Tale Missing (UC, R My "Boyfriends" Ex Girlfriend (UC) My Heart's Song (UC) Position Sixty-Nine (NC-17) Sometimes I Forget (UC) The House (UC) The Last Dance (UC) The Red Rose & The Sweet Valentine The Sex Vow The Unarmed Sniper (UC) The Wrong Bus Home (UC, PG-13) Thunderstorms & Rainbows 30 Minutes (UC, R) Ana (UC, NC-17) Apothecary (UC, R) Better Than Him (UC, PG-13) Costume (UC, R) Easter (UC, NC-17) Engagement Ring (UC, R) Guess The Song (UC, PG-13) Masquerade (UC, NC-17) Mouth Shut (UC, PG-13) Perfect Word (UC, PG) Rainbow (UC, R) Related Searches (UC, PG) Silence (UC, NC-17) The Tattooist (UC) Till The End (NC-17) Unforgettable Beauty (UC, R) Accidentally In Love (UC, PG-13) Good Girl Gone Bad (UC, PG-13) I Hate Tatu (UC, PG-13) I Need Her Love (UC, PG-13) Only (UC, R) Roses Are Red (UC, R) Shampoo Suicide (NC-17) The Birthday Cake (UC, NC-17) A New Beginning (UC, PG-13) Getting You Back (sequel to The Arrangement) Mockba NYPD Pink Out Of This World Riding The Curl (NC-17) Seeking Salvation The Arrangement The Backpackers The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea The Last Chance (UC, PG-13) Time To Tell The Truth (UC, PG-13) To The Rescue Twenty One (UC) 24 Hours (UC, NC-17) Don’t Regret (UC, NC-17) Manic (UC, PG-13) The Field Of Play (UC, PG-13) The Misfortune Of One Makes Two (NC-17) The No Kiss List (PG-13) The Red M&Ms (UC, R) Thinking Of You (UC, PG-13) Untouched (UC, PG) Valium Knight (UC, PG-13, Sequel to "Manic") Who Are You Tonight?

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(UC, PG) Addicted To You (UC, NC-17) Breathe No More (UC, NC-17) Creating Monsters (NC-17) Demolition Lovers (UC, PG-13) Forgive Me? for the banner and avatar "There's love, there's hope ... Hope that you'll find something worthy, that your life will lead you to some joy, that after everything ... _________________ "Too bad you can't quote the look on my face." -Amy Lee "It's OK to laugh at me, I only look scary." -Amy Lee "Nobody's perfect.

(UC, NC-17) I Believe In You (UC, PG-13) Just Breathe (NC-17) Not From You (UC, PG) Socks (UC, NC-17) Some Thing’s Never Change (UC, PG-13) Sometimes Forever Means Never (UC, NC-17) The Ghost Of You (UC, R) The Special Two (UC, R) This Is Our Last Goodbye (UC, NC-17) Together (UC, NC-17) Your Doll (UC, R) 200 KM/H (PG-13, UC) A Single Shot Ancient Times (PG) Comic Affair (PG) Confusing Lies Haunted Mistakes (UC, PG) Ne Ver', Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi New Life One Wish Parallels Please Don't Forget The Other Side (The Missing Years) Untitled (PG, UC) Any Questions? Again it must have taken you a lot of time to make it. I'm perfectly flawed." - Amy Lee Possibly due to the fact that Volkster isn't psychic and didn't know it was finished because the title line didn't say "Finished" or "Complete" or any other handy word like that.

(R, UC) Alternate Destinies (UC) Ambiguity, SVU/Taty crossover (R) Close Encounters (UC) CNN Headlines (Breaking News) (UC, PG-13) Experimental (UC) Goodbye? (UC, PG-13) The Best Gift (UC) The Office (UC, NC-17) What A Screwed Up World (UC, NC-17) What You Do To Me (UC, PG-13) 3AM (UC, PG-13) Anthem Of The Angels (UC, PG-13) Box Of Chocolates (UC, PG-13) Death By Hand (UC, R) I’ll Watch (UC, PG-13) Only Us (NC-17) S. aka Title In Story (UC, NC-17) Somebody’s Me (UC, PG-13) Stuborn Pussy (UC, NC-17) Thank You (UC, PG-13) The Birthday Card (UC, PG-13) Untitled (UC, R) Boss (UC, NC-17) Call Girl (NC-17) Howl (NC-17) Hurt (UC, PG) Nearness Of You (UC, PG) Night To Remember (UC, NC-17) Out Of This World (UC, PG-13) Pain (UC, NC-17) Problems (UC, R) Undead (PG-13) You And I (UC, NC-17) 4 In The Morning (UC, NC-17) Afterlife (UC, NC-17) All About Us (NC-17) Anticipation (UC, R) Baby Fat (UC, NC-17) Beautiful Disaster (UC, NC-17) Burn (UC, NC-17) Censored (UC, NC-17, sequel to 'Uncensored') Chills (UC, R) Countdown (UC, NC-17) Craving (UC, NC-17) Dangerous & Moving (UC, NC-17) Delirious Pain (UC, NC-17) Demoniac (NC-17, sequel to 'Divine') Devil’s Pact (UC, R) Diamonds (UC, NC-17) Divine (NC-17) Extreme Trust (NC-17, UC) Familiar (UC, R) Flirt (UC, NC-17) First Move (UC, NC-17) Flowers & Bees (UC, PG-13) Forewah (UC, NC-17) Friend Or Foe (NC-17) Glow (UC, NC-17) Happy Birthday (UC, NC-17) Holidays (UC, NC-17) Home (UC, NC-17) If They Hurt You (UC, NC-17) I'm Ready (UC, PG-13) Impromptu (UC, NC-17) Intense (UC, NC-17) Life Time Achievement (NC-17) Love (UC, R) Loves Me Not Mad About You (UC, NC-17) My Last (UC, NC-17) Nobody's Wife (UC, R) Novaya Model' (NC-17) NY Resolution (UC, PG-13) Others (UC, NC-17) Paparazzi (UC, R) Paradise (UC, NC-17) Phone Robbery (UC, PG-13) Psycho (NC-17) Rough Edges (UC, NC-17) Scared Of Yourself (UC, NC-17) Sex (UC, NC-17) Simplified Motions (UC, NC-17 Sin (UC, PG-13) Spice (UC, NC-17) Straight With A Secret (UC) Style (NC-17) Sugar (UC, NC-17) Sunrise (UC, PG-13) Sway (UC, NC-17) The Cure (NC-17) The Departed (PG-13, UC) The Devil Wears Nothing (UC, NC-17) The In-Laws (UC, NC-17) The Odds (UC, NC-17) The Ring (UC, NC-17) Torture (UC, NC-17) Uncensored (UC, NC-17) What You Did (NC-17) What's Not Enough (NC-17) You=I (UC, PG-13) But Yulia you turned me into a lesbian!!! I don't remember if it goes by the end of the entire awards or the end of the nomination period. " Sorry, I was focused on making sure Andrew's link didn't start from the beginning but from his post and then I completely forgot to add the original link under your name. But if you like insane humor, you should like this one.) has "Angels Rising" posted, as well as a little bit of "Forever For You".) is another link with only one story posted. Interestingly enough, while I was writing it I got a lot of negitive feedback because of it--mostly because it strongly focused on a character other than Lena and Yulia. There is "Best Laid Plans" (My personal all time favorite of my own stories), "Heaven And Hell", "I Promise To Never Love You", "When I Look Into Her Eyes", "The Sky Is Purple" (another favorite of mine, though there's one awkward bit that I felt I *had* to put in there.

(UC) In the Workshop (UC) Idiocracy: The Divine Purpose of Reproduction (UC, PG-13 Sequel to 'CNN Headlines') Merry Christmas (UC) Null And Void (UC, NC-17) Retrogade (UC) Sterling Hall Sweet Valentine (UC) What Dreams May Come (UC, NC-17) When Fates Collide (NC-17) for the banner and avatar "There's love, there's hope ... Hope that you'll find something worthy, that your life will lead you to some joy, that after everything ... (NC-17) I Fell In Love With A Russian Superstar (NC-17) Innuendo (UC, PG-13) Things I Never Got To Tell Her (UC, PG-13) Touch Down (UC, NC-17) Yulia You Are So Dreamy (UC, PG-13) 6.00 (UC, R, remake of RMAL’s) Blood Strand (UC, PG-13) Don’t Forget Me (UC, PG-13) Falling Bombs, Rising Hearts (UC, PG-13) God And His Angels (UC, PG-13 sequel to ‘Ohne Dich’) Half World Love (UC, PG-13) Hold On (UC, R) I’ll Be Yours (UC, NC-17) I Liked The Way You Liked Me (UC, R) I Didn’t Forget (UC, PG-13 sequel to ‘Don’t Forget Me’) My Life, Your Needle (NC-17) Nice To Meet You (UC, PG-13) Nobody’s Home (UC, PG-13) (Not) Killing For Love (NC-17) Ohne Dich (Without You)(UC, R) People Ain't No Good (UC, PG-13) Roads (UC, PG-13) Sudden Realization (NC-17) The Scientist (UC, PG-13) The Way I Feel (UC, PG-13) Too Fast, Too Endly (UC, PG-13) What About Us, Girl (UC, PG-13) for the banner and avatar "There's love, there's hope ... Hope that you'll find something worthy, that your life will lead you to some joy, that after everything ... Let me put it this way - if you finished something in November or December, send it to me. for the banner and avatar "There's love, there's hope ... Hope that you'll find something worthy, that your life will lead you to some joy, that after everything ... Yet now, if I hear from a fan that has never contacted me before to tell me they loved a story of mine, it's often "I Will Fear No Evil". And in case you are curious, the other two stories I most often hear positive things about are "The Sky Is Purple" and "Best Laid Plans".). At the time that I wrote it, I honest to God was getting posts and PMs from people that frightened me because they were practically trying to make me their spiritual leader.

They will share the stage with PAUL VAN DYK, ANDY FLETCHER , THE CLIENT, GEORGE ACOSTA, PAUL JOHNSON, RAY ROC on August 13,2003 !!! Source: lk keskin 06/27/03 Tokyo Police say no video shoot for t.


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