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as explicitly as possible.• They are donor-centric: They put the donor in the spotlight, showing them how vital they are to the cause.

There are so many channels in which to thank your donors, but it’s important to let them decide which channel they prefer.

It is often said that great writing is about what is left out, allowing the reader to contribute, to fill in what isn’t being said, like these children’s stories — of such unimaginable journeys at such young ages; of so much taken away, of so much given, of so much still to be lived.

Maybe that’s what happens when you tune in to the words of children: we fill in the blanks of painful back stories without needing to read the specifics; maybe that’s why our hearts are so filled when we hear them saying, “thank you for making my life better.” This holiday season we are letting adults take a back seat and presenting the voices of the children we serve in our Survivor Care programs.

Updating stock levels is becoming VERY time consuming and painful.


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