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Location:- Primarily centred around the Locksheath, Warsash, Sarisbury Green and Park Gate areas but extending as far as Fareham, Titchfield, Portchester, Hedge End and Eastleigh Events:- Events are to be scheduled at least once a week, mainly comprising Pub nights, but will also include Coffee Mornings, Meals, Pub Quizzes, Walks, Bands, Discos, Bowling, and other events which event organisers deem of interest.

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The videos, peopled by non-actors, are candid videos of real focus groups, online dating, and the health and beauty sections in supermarkets.

They delve into the perception of the “truck guy” zeitgeist. of rhetorical questions: "Can a truck make you more handsome, more dependable, more rugged?

As age is just a number there will be no age ceiling.

A membership fee of £5.00 will fall due when a member attends their third meetup and should be paid to one of the Event Organisers.

“The films are centered around the idea that there is an inner truck guy in everyone,” said Paul Edwards, U. vice president, Chevrolet marketing, in a statement. But in September, per the firm, the average price was $3.43 per gallon, the lowest September rate since 2010, "and they have fallen further in October with many parts of the country reporting prices below $3,” said Thomas King, vice president of PIN, in the report.