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I think for the price I will buy it and not look back... f=57&t=263751 _________________Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. After going through many guns, I wish I kept the 682 GOLD! And both of mine had well over 100K when I sold them.

THanks for the help - I have been searching the forums on this site and you-guys have been a tremendous source if information.

In your situation I'd go with the brand new WOS with 32" barrels.

It's definitely more flashy but there are really no other differences other than the minor ones I stated. Mike IIRC, the older 682 guns are much heavier than the new 682/686/687.

I don't know, I guess the wood upgrade and extended chokes MAY be worth it...really depends on the buyer. Both guns would work fine and 25,000 rounds in nothing for the Beretta. So just take look at both guns see what one fell better and go with what you like best. If you are recoil sensitive or just want a gun that is more pleasant to shoot, I would go with a heavier gun.

Can get either 30" or 32" barrels, but leaning to 30" as I will be shooting a fair bit of skeet. $1700 for a used 682 in good condition is a good price. You can shoot it for a couple of years and sell it for $1700.