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No one would argue that EMP is not key preserved in a join to DEPT - given the correct primary/foreign keys in place.

So, they should be key preserved tables and the columns from them must be updatable. Regards, William May 11, 2012 - am UTC There are more requirements than just "key preserved" Key preserved is just one of many requirements.

TIMEUnit FROM my Table A, my Slb slb, my USERPROF u1 where a.cny# = slb.cny# and nvl(a.location#,0) = slb.locationkey and slb. We only allow modifications to objects in the key preserved table. COM CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW V_my View AS 2 SELECT 3 A.

(eg: if you join EMP to DEPT and given that a primary key exists on DEPTNO in DEPT, you know that each row in EMP will be returned AT MOST once. DEPT on the other hand -- well, each row in DEPT might be returned 0, 1 or more times -- DEPT is not key preserved). SESSIONKEY = sys_context('userenv','SESSION_USER') 11 and slb. We attempt to make what we can updateable and report to you how much of it is.

COM select column_name, UPDATABLE, 2 insertable,deletable 3 from user_updatable_columns 4 where table_name = 'V_MYVIEW' 5 / COLUMN_NAME UPD INS DEL ------------------------------ --- --- --- CNY# NO NO NO RECORD# NO NO NO STATUS NO NO NO TIMEUNIT NO NO NO same thing as before, it is because of the NVL on the table we are trying to keypreserve [email protected] We are not considering to range partition since there will be too many partitions (more than 5 yrs of data ~1800 partitions)to hold and local indexes at that level doesn't give that optimal performance. indexes can be maintained during partition operations, index the way you need, use partitioning I just want to know how to get the column names in spool file. November 18, 2008 - pm UTC sqlplus doesn't really work that way. Using partitioning if you need to segregate them physically for some reason, but have a single table.