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less Pedro Oviedo salvages lumber from his own destroyed trailer home in Tivoli, TX, to be used to help patch a roof on a friend's home, Tuesday, Sept. Tivoli, an unincorporated town located between Port ...

TIVOLI - There's a certain on-air personality for the Weather Channel who might need a bodyguard if he ever ventures into Bayside, Austwell and Tivoli, not to mention Rockport and Aransas Pass in the Texas Coastal Bend.

Jazmyn Oviedo, 10, sits on what was the front entrance to her family's home in Tivoli, TX, while her father salvages lumber to help fix another roof in the community, Tuesday, Sept. Jazmyn and her family were not home when Hurricane Harvey hit, but when they returned home, they found their trailer and two additional relatives' trailers destroyed by the storm.

Tivoli, an unincorporated town located between Port Lavaca and Rockport, was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. more"Surviving" is how Brian Torres, of Tivoli, TX, describes the reason for his new 'Texas Strong' tattoo, Tuesday, Sept. Torres rode the storm out in a trailer in Tivoli, an unincorporated town located between Port Lavaca and Rockport, a harrowing experience he likens to that feeling when a plane is just about to touch down on the runway and bounces continuously.

Standard on all but base cars, the kit includes automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane-keep assist and lane departure warning – and this, reckons Ssang Yong, will help improve the car from its current three-star Euro NCAP safety score up to a four-star rating. But while it’s been focusing so hard, and so admirably, on safety, it’s a pity Ssang Yong hasn’t used the refresh opportunity to improve the 1.6-litre petrol engine offered in the Tivoli.