Updating yellow dog linux on ps3

On June 28, 2005, IBM and Mercury Computer Systems announced a partnership agreement to build Cell-based computer systems for embedded applications such as medical imaging, industrial inspection, aerospace and defense, seismic processing, and telecommunications.

updating yellow dog linux on ps3-89

The longer name indicates its intended use, namely as a component in current and future online distribution systems; as such it may be utilized in high-definition displays and recording equipment, as well as HDTV systems.

Additionally the processor may be suited to digital imaging systems (medical, scientific, etc.) and physical simulation (e.g., scientific and structural engineering modeling).

Over 400 engineers from the three companies worked together in Austin, with critical support from eleven of IBM's design centers.

During this period, IBM filed many patents pertaining to the Cell architecture, manufacturing process, and software environment.

For these reasons, Cell is widely regarded as a challenging environment for software development.