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If all developers behaved in the same way; Hong Kong can be assured to maintain higher than market price property rates everywhere.

This practice is very beneficial to developers and property investors, however it negatively impacts our society as a whole and reduces the competitiveness of businesses operating in Hong Kong.

“I have a few friends who have tried it out, but it’s clearly not for everybody,” she admits.

“At first I’d get tired after two or three men in a day, but I learned to be more resourceful with my hands and mouth and can easily deal with a dozen a day now,” she acknowledges, visibly dedicated to her work.

Women’s disregard for muscles may be costing them dearly.

Muscles are the ‘scaffolding’ that holds the body up, vital for protecting the joints and bones, and it’s essential to start building muscle in early life to avoid miserable repercussions.

Hong Kong’s single-most-serious problem is its inordinately high property price which impacts negatively many far-reaching social and economic issues that the government should try to address.