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I to,d him that was not true cause I got to my destination w/ in 30 min from TPA doing the speed limit. Just as we got our food the driver called me letting me know he was on his way & the ETA was approx 15 min.

Mind you I was @ a fast food place & wasn’t even there 15 min before the driver called.

Again A LOT of repeating & yelling very choice words I demanded to s/w a supervisor & not to give me any excuses as to why he can’t get one on the phone & DO NOT get a colleague on the phone pretending to be a manager after several times being out on hold & consistently being told there was anyone available to s/w me.

I demanded he continued to work on resolving this problem ASAP while I wait for a mgr.

I to,d him it wasn’t me it was the car the alignment or so thing was off the car kept pulling.