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As you can see, there are two calls to the Text Input component, but with different variables and validation functions included in the attributes (available as props in the child components).We do this because the text input is a reusable component.In this case, we use it with the second Text Input component and return true, because we need the validate prop function to exist, but we don’t actually want to validate the second field.

React is available from more than one CDN, but here are the most popular links: The babel-core js file allows us to use JSX, which will greatly simplify our code.

Please see my other tutorial for more on why React is better with JSX.

For example, you could show new donations as they are made, polling the server for new ones.

I’ve also included some jquery ajax for an example of how the final form submission can be handled.

The code shows a few places where additional functionality can be added, but we are only going to focus on error-checking in this tutorial.