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Think hard and long before you walk out of the marriage to which you once committed yourself. Ward & Associates for advice and help on working through your issues in a friendly, private, and professional setting.

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Along with Kinne, Philadelphia cut CB Marc Anthony, S Brandan Bishop, C Mike Coccia, T Kevin Graf, DE Alfy Hill, WR Mike Johnson, OLB Dasman Mc Cullum, WR Josh Reese, DE Jeremy Towns, TE Justin Tukes and OL Jared Wheeler.

The Eagles have three more players to trim before Tuesday's deadline.

Whatever problems you didn’t resolve and work out with your spouse will need to be worked out with someone else I guarantee it. Furthermore, when the passion and intimacy in a marriage is suffering, it’s easy to fantasize that someone else out there will better meet your needs. As soon as real, everyday life sets in with a new relationship the same old problems will be there too.