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He thought he was speaking with a young woman called Emily Magee.4/4 Preserve the evidence. SGRql G— National Crime Agency (@NCA_UK) September 3, 2017Enache was demanding a payment of £3,000 (around US$3,900) in bitcoin from the teenager, and the threats became more ominous with each passing day.

Terrified, Hughes eventually confided in his parents.

Anna Soubry condemned the “macho” attempt to crush dissent – after potential rebels were told they will be seen as “supporting Jeremy Corbyn” – but insisted the Prime Minister was not behind it.

TURKEY is not ready to join the European Union now, Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman said on Monday after she said during a German election debate on Sunday that Ankara "should not become a member".

So far this year there have been more than 700 Yt4l Hhzo4— National Crime Agency (@NCA_UK) September 3, 2017The National Crime Agency says the true number of sextortion cases could be even higher, as so many go unreported.“We are keeping this issue on the public radar, first and foremost …