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Blame the industry's dire lack of imagination (something Hounsou's well aware of).So, here's a ranking of the sidekicks and henchmen Hounsou's played to date, including his most recent one in Seventh Son, which is currently in theaters.Hollywood has well-documented trouble putting actors of color in central roles, but Djimon Hounsou's career has been a continuing example of what happens when that failure is compounded by foreignness.

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Sample line: "I thought you liked to blow things up." "I do."As Vivo, Hounsou mostly stands around looking tough, but he makes the most of a light moment relishing what he thinks is going to be a major payday.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work out as well as the character hoped. Rebel leader who gets to serve as one of several plot accessory sidekicks to boy band-ish teen dragon rider Eragon (Edward Speleers).

He helps her out as a translator, and then gets captured, along with everyone else, when the baddies arrive.

The shameless thinness of Hounsou's role here is mitigated only slightly by the fact that this entire globe-trotting sequel treats the countries it visits (and the people in them) as fab backdrops for Lara's action stylings and opportunities to show off her wide-ranging designer wardrobe for all climates. Henchman to Hanover (Wes Studi), whose team of trained mercenaries aims to rob a luxury cruise ship before a deadly sea monster gets in the way.

That Abou Fatma ends up suffering for his assistance by getting whipped by some of the men Harry wants to help only delineates Harry's status as a good Englishman versus his more ignorant, arrogant colonial cohorts.