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Nearly twenty years ago, when she had just turned 30 and had reached her commercial peak with the multi-million-selling, Grammy-winning album Ingénue, her life was a whirlwind of Hollywood parties, premieres, awards ceremonies and fashion shows.

After announcing her homosexuality to Rolling Stone magazine, she became the de facto ambassador for the gay community and the coolest lesbian in town.

Who is kd lang currently dating

At the age of five, lang was certain about two things: one was that she had a singing voice that made everyone around her sit up and listen; the other was that she was sexually attracted to women.

"Being gay felt very natural – out of four kids, three of us were gay – so I never felt weird about it.

So for that period I found it a lot easier to do interpretive records.

[Buddhism] has clarified and given me some legitimate tools to deal with daily issues and moral issues.

lang has sparked rumours of a new romance with the estranged wife of Canadian ice hockey team boss N. The Constant Craving hitmaker has been spotted on numerous dinner dates with Heather Edwards in Calgary, Alta.