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– Brian is dating interior designer Nate Berkus for the past 2 years. I am drooling over these shoes that SJP has worn on the set of the new Sex and The City 2 movie, not because I’m a big fan of hers but I love these shoes. If I could last more than 2 hours on any heels I would’ve bought these shoes.Nate Berkus has gone to a lot of sports-memorabilia conventions over the years.The launch is going to start with two bedding collections, some furniture, mirrors [ and ] furniture as well as different accessories and things like that.

' I think the [ the new product line ] is really geared for everybody.

The nice thing about it is, the whole focus behind the line is very solution-oriented.

Of course, that's famed designer Nate Berkus, known for the work he's done for both high-profile private clients and well-known public spaces.

And, yes, that's the same Berkus of ' The Oprah Winfrey Show' fame.

He is a co-founder and current co-executive director of the annual National Sports Collectors Convention, set for its 30th annual gala next summer in Cleveland.


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