Who is spencer from icarly dating

The one on the far right reads, "Dancing clowns." Now, my sleuthing hat may be on a little too tight, but it's hard not to think of Cramps the clown from that one First off, that pretty blonde is Nathan's real-life wife, London!He actually got to direct her on this episode, joking on KTLA that "it's an experience [he] will never have again." For London's cameo, she asked the hotel clerk for an extra key to Gary Wolf's room.

Special guest: James Maslow as Shane Spencer finds an old video game cabinet in the junkyard called Pak-Rat (a parody of Pac-Man), and spends all his time playing it, while procrastinating on a commissioned Labradoodle sculpture.

To curb his addiction, Carly brings Sasha Striker (Lorena York), the top Pak-Rat player in the world, to compete against Spencer to defend her title as the world champion of Pak-Rat.

Trainor attended UC Santa Barbara for the quintessential college experience, combining academics and partying on the beach.

He graduated from UCSB with a BFA in acting – but not before a Hollywood agent caught his one-man comedy show at college and urged him to audition in Los Angeles. In his appearance on Drake & 'Josh, he was known for his role as Crazy Steve.

He was mentioned in the 2011 Australian Kids Choice Awards, when Jennette said that Jerry gave Nathan and her advice for the awards.